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    Dear fellow RED Users,
    I have a problem with my PRO I/O Module. After factory resetting the camera, I can't get the LCD/VF port on top of the module working. In the Settings for the display I set LCD/VF in the highest ranking, Monitor plugged in the front of the brain works as it should, but the port atop the I/O does not do anything. Rest of the module gets recognized by the camera and the SDI outs work well.

    Do you have any hints, suggestions or ideas, what could be wrong in the setting or even the unit? Can't figure it out so far, but everything worked well yesterday, before the factory reset .. .

    Thanks in advance! Best from Spain,
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    Hmm... Can you adjust the refresh rate/hz settings of the I/O output? Maybe it got switched to something not supported by the display you're using? I think 60hz is what most red displays accept.
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    Go into the display section and go to REAR MONITOR (or EVF depending on what you are plugging in. )

    Make sure that:

    1. It's enabled
    2. That the overlay settings are changed from CLEAN to OVERLAY.

    When I do a factory reset on my camera I usually have to change these settings for my +1 Adapter Module to work. I'd assume it's the same thing for the REAR IO as well.

    Hope that helps!

    Marcus Ian Friedlander

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    Thanks a lot guys! Got it working - it was the hz-Setting that didn't match!
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