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    Kudos on the Production Module. While it may not do everything one could desire, it covers a lot of bases in a 2 lb module. FWIW, I hope the rental houses buy these in droves. Why? If I'm sourcing a RED locally rather than bringing my own kit, I just want to spec a known quantity that does pretty much everything production could expect.

    Reading between the lines on capabilities; like no UHD/4K monitoring and, AFAIK, no way to send a 1:1 magnified feed to an SDI spigot for the focus puller during recording, etc - RED is aiming toward the DSMC3 future, rather than doing technical backflips for the current system. PV has shown what can be done with core DSMC2 tech and lots of co-processing, but the market for accessories that eclipse the price of the camera itself is likely too small to pursue.

    For perspective, a few years ago I had a chance to test out the DSMC1 Broadcast Module which was very attractive for my world. But I didn't buy one. Why? I had a deposit down on a DSMC2 body and didn't want to try and ROI a DSMC1 module in six months time. The new Production Module is compact and reasonably priced - and we don't yet know when DSMC3 will be a shipping product - so no hesitation for me. I also suspect that DSMC2 packages that include the Production Module will be the quickest to sell on the used market. Uber camera nerds love the power and flexibility of the assortment of rear modules for the DSMC2 platform. That said, for folks raised on camcorders, a "one size fits most" back end should be popular.

    FWIW, I implore the RedTeam to build a DSMC3 body that supports data rates, bus bandwidth and other fundamental capabilities to properly support more sophisticated rear modules yet to be invented. Moreover, I'd rather wait another month or two for it's release if it means more capable rear modules can ship at the same time. The capabilities of the base expander are amazing for how thin it is, but, unfortunately, for many shows it lacked expected features at launch that left a poor first impression with some producers and DPs.

    Bottom line - the current DSMC2 cameras are terrific and can "hold" most of us until a truly next generation DSMC3 package is ready. Some folks in the industry will always hate RED cameras, that's their myopia. That said, I'd love to walk into a prep day with a DSMC3 and answer pretty much every question with "yes it can", and here's how easy it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark L. Pederson View Post
    I suspect it is AMBIENT wireless timecode.
    That is exactly what I was thinking.
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