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    Experienced the same issue on my RED Scarlet-W in both 7.1.0 and 7.1.1 had to downgrad to 7.0.4 to fix the issue
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    Hmmm. Looks like I better downgrade my Scarlet-W down to 7.0.4 for tomorrows shoot.

    Looking forward to this being completely stable
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    Hey everyone.

    We have reached out to several of you regarding this, but if anyone else has experienced this issue, please submit a request and provide a saved log file and .R3D Snapshot.
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    Is this problem looking something like this?

    Need to zoom in to see it. Little red dot in the blue square. It stuck to the sensor according to the DIT thats out with my camera on a job as we speak.

    What to do to resolve the problem, the camera goes out two two different jobs this upcoming week.

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    I had the same issue when I did an auto blackshade after upgrading to the latest firmware. Did a manual blackshade and it was gone.
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