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  1. #1 MATRIX System is able to grade native REDCODE RAW 
    CHROME-Imaging, systems for film and television post-production, announced today that all its software systems will now support footage captured with RED One cameras.
    With the release of RED’s SDK, users of MATRIX-System will be able to grade native REDCODE RAW™ files, improving the workflows of feature film, broadcast programs and commercials shot on the RED One camera.
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    Anyone know the prices for these systems? just curious.
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    Me too, how much does it cost?

    They don't have a reel yet?


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    full sys I recall from ibc 07 about 75>125k
    Space Digital Visual Effects & Post Production
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    at that price I'll take two!
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    It's really a great tool.

    Woth every penny of it.

    Wich I don't have BTW :-)

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    Hi all,
    Thank you for your interest about Matrix system.

    There are several products to order Matrix system. We sell Hardware & Software or Software only (MATRIX_Cineplay, MATRIX_COLOR, MATRIX_COLOR_EXTREME).
    For the price, it depends on products and each countries.

    Here is the list of Resellers.

    For more information, you can write offlist to or

    Thank you.
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    wow, I found the dealer in Japan in the list that I deal with (Crescent). I will get in touch with them for the demo.
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    its all just well coded time people like ADOBE will write this type of GPU based "realtime 2k and beyond" software and sell it for penny's on the dollar.

    It's time for a revolution on the post color field I can feel the wind already.
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    Yeah, people [artists] should matter more than tools and $$$.

    I'd prefer to hire a 125k $ colorist than to pay for a 125k $ machine.

    And there's always a small chance to just... convince the colorist :), while you can never convince the machine.

    My 2c.
    EveryOne is the One...
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