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    I was thinking of where to post this publicly, this forum came to mind as the closest place an ad like this could see any traction.
    To mods/admins: if trading isn't allowed, delete this thread and PM me please.

    I have three, fully functional, and relatively powerful high speed cameras that I am looking to trade for a single, slightly faster and higher resolution one.
    1. A monochrome, NIR-capable(no OLPF) NAC Memrecam fx K5 with 4GB of RAM - 1280x1024 @ 1kfps, up to 168kfps, with a stunning sensitivity of 32 000 ISO. From my personal experience, this thing can easily film at 1kfps under a single 60W incandescent bulb. Has a standalone display and menu, can save onto CF cards, no computer required. RAM battery backup option included, but not installed(removed for my own convenience, can re-install prior to shipment).
    2. A very small(9x9x7cm, 900g), color(with NIR cutoff OLPF) Fastec Imaging HiSpec 5/Mikrotron MotionBLITZ EoSens Cube7(same camera, two different names) with 8GB of RAM - 1696x1710 @ 523fps, 1280x720 @ 1640fps, up to 298kfps at lower resolutions. Has a sensitivity of around ISO 1000, so it does need quite a bit of light. Has an internal battery that can operate the camera completely standalone for around 15-20 minutes(original spec is 30, but it was made in 2011), but settings can only be changed via the GigE port.
    3. A color, highly ruggedized, mil-spec version of the Weinberger SpeedCam Visario G2 with 8GB of RAM - 1536x1024 @ 1kfps, up to 10kfps. This camera is built to be indestructible, and it's rated to be continuously crashed into a brick wall(for car crash testing). It's a bit bulky, but it's definitely a good choice when you don't want to kill the camera in an extreme environment. The lens mount on this camera is just a solid chunk of aluminium.
      Has every option possible - FC-AL(fiber channel) control, GigE control, a second 100base-T port for monitoring, rugged MIL connector back and breakout box, full 8GB of RAM, an internal 40GB drive for image storage(off during filming), and an optional battery to run it in standalone mode, but the battery itself is missing, though I have the spec if you want one.

    All three cameras are guaranteed and tested to be 100% functional, and they all come with the required accessories, power supplies, drivers and software. I personally own and operate them so I can help wherever needed.

    In exchange for all three cameras together I would like to get something with slightly higher spec - around 1920x1080 @ 1-2kfps with 8-16GB of RAM would be perfect, especially if it scales to >50kfps at lower resolutions. An example would be a Phantom Miro LC320S, or v641, pco.dimax cs4, the IDT Os series, etc.

    The Weinberger camera is also available for sale separately, though I would prefer a trade.
    I also have a damaged URSA Mini 4.6K EF that has lost its calibration(possibly repairable), which I wouldn't mind combining with the Weinberger camera to get a lower end RED DSMC1 body, for a total value of around $5-6k.

    I am located in Belarus and can ship these almost anywhere in the world.

    Any questions or offers are welcome either in the thread, in PM or via email -
    Email is preferred though, since I can respond faster.
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