Thread: Red Raven vs Red Scarlet X with Dragon 6k sensor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misha Engel View Post
    What are your goals with the RED camera, that you can't do with your current camera's?
    This... Because it honestly seems like more of a lateral move, than an upgrade (from a BUMP4.6k). I think you'll be hard-pressed to notice a huge difference between the BUMP4.6k and either of those RED cameras.

    That said, out of the two, I'd opt for Raven if only because it's resale value will be much better in ~2years... Plus Raven nets you 120fps at 4.5k WS, which is double the framerate of the 4.6k. But the 4.6k is ~APS-H/s35+, whereas the Raven sensor is actually similar in size as the GH5 (but doesn't have the adaptability/focal reducer options of the m43 mount)...

    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the BUMP in 2k/120fps crop mode is a comparable sensor size to the Raven 4k (albeit half the resolution... but still as sharp, because no olpf... but also has potential aliasing because it'd be 2k...).

    ...tough call. hahah.
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    The Red Scarlet X is just old and not upto modern day sub $10k 4k camera's in almost everyway.

    The only reason I can think of to pick the Raven over the UMP is frame rate.

    I would forget the resale value argument in this price range, camera's are almost improving by the day at the moment .

    UMP is equal or cheaper/better than the Raven in every other aspect.

    You can always fit the UMP with an OLPF or

    UMP($10k) is becoming a pretty good poor man's ARRI AMIRA Premium($44k), with almost the same DR at 2k/1080p(14 stops) and a sharper 4k/uhd image de-bayered output.
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    Both Cameras record compressed raw .r3d. Both are still great tools. For me, it would come down to what I wanted to run for glass. Raven is pretty limited in that regard, and the Scarlet-X can run any mount and there are much more possibilities for glass. Misha says the camera is old, but so what? It records the same codec as the brand new ones. I have a 2011 Scarlet-MX and it still works just fine. My Helium Weapon gives me more trouble than it does. I would get the older camera, spend as little on accessories as possible. Get some good jobs, make some money, learn a lot, then move up. YMMV.
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