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    I'm not sure if its my REDVOLT XLs or its the Quad charger. I hardly use both but was looking at setting up a very lightweight build so I decided to dust off the XLs. Stuck them in to charge and for the first minute of so the LEDs flash yellow (battery on, and charging). After a minute of so the LEDs Strat flashing the dreaded red and green (fault).

    I thought maybe I need to drain my REDvolts to cycle them so I used one until there was 3% left. Stuck in on the charger and the same thing. I'd hate to think my RedVolts are shot (all 4 of them) as I've probably only put around 10 cycles on them. I've read that the Quad Chargers are prone to this. Tried un-mounting then re-mounting the batteries, unplugging the charger, and all the same result with all 4 of my REDVolts. Thoughts / suggestions anyone? Looks I best stick to my AB batteries....
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    Eric, please file a support ticket if you have not already done so.
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