What nick said!

If your'e traveling with just a few thousand $ worth of stuff (A7S ii, glidecam, tripod and a bunch of lenses) and not a bunch of pelican cases, then I wouldn't bother with a carnet. If you're traveling with $100K or more and lots of suspicious looking cases then you'll definitely want a carnet.

- Jan

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It comes down to this - If you don't play by the rules and you get caught, they usually make you put up the cash amount of what the duties would be if you were importing the gear. You get it back when you leave. You can get a bond company locally and pay a fee, or put up the cash. Or they impound your gear till you leave. I have been hit for $20k before. If you want to chance it, knock yourself out. But the right way to do it is abide by the law.