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    Hi All,
    I just got a Gemini and I'm now looking into best practices for post. I usually like to work from the Log files in color and finishing, but I've been told that the new highlight treatments really bring the best out of the new camera sensors. Is there a single resource I could look at that gives an overview of approach and how to get the most out of IPP2 footage? I'm guessing there is something in the contrast and highlight settings that adds more than what Log 3g10 or 12 provides alone. Thanks.
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    No need for any special settings/adjustments, the highlight extension algorithm is simply part of the latest demosaic. So if you shoot r3d format, the latest versions of REDCINE-X PRO or Resolve or Premiere (I think they're finally up to speed) should have it. I know that in Resolve, you just have to make sure your raw settings are processing it via IPP2 and not Version2 color.

    That said, you must shoot raw to see these benefits; shooting ProRes or DNxHD/HR will not include that algorithm.
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