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    Just an FYI, it takes somewhere around 150+ hours of my time to set something like this up between the distributor and the retailer and manage the buy on a daily basis. This includes dozens of hours of emails, phone calls, texts, facebook messages, IG messages, co-ordinating with any friends or partners on sharing the buy, working with the retailer to manage customer expectations, while constantly pushing to get the absolute best discount possible.

    As far as I know, no deal like this has ever been offered on this product. With every one of my group buys, there are always a few customers who don't quite understand that Adorama doesn't stock 150+ Litepanel Geminis or 85+ Easyrig Vario 5s. Like I very clearly stated in my post, the items will be delivered in the order of payment received. I'm not going to call anyone out here but some people waited days or weeks after they received the email, thus were late in line and then wanted the item immediately.

    Adorama isn't going to give you daily updates via email if you continue to call and email pestering them for a shipping update. It comes from EU, through CA, onto NY and then to the customer. That is not a process that can be sped up. I provided my own personal contact information as well as numerous contacts at Adorama that could be contacted for more information about the ordering process.

    There are always a handful of customers that are not grateful for the discount, ask for special treatment, pester me daily about shipping updates or don't follow the email instructions and then get upset when their order is delayed. This is nothing new and doesn't surprise me at all but complaining about lost rental days for an item that you don't have in your hand is pretty foolish IMO. If the equipment is such an important part of your bid, go buy it for full price!

    Some of the emails I got during this process, along with the complaints and general maturity level of some of the feedback here make me reconsider doing this in the future.
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