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  1. #1 GROUP BUY - Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig Vest | 5" Arm, 9" Arm, 5" Arm w/Serene 



    Hey hey, Travis here.

    I’m back with another killer group buy on a product that needs no introduction.

    Incorporating the Easyrig Vario 5 into my workflow is one of the biggest impacts I’ve made to improving both stability and composition in my handheld work, speeding up our on-set workflow and giving my body a break.

    Three of my friends, Morgan Cooper (KC/LA), Clair Popkin (NY) and Marcus Taplin (Minneapolis) continually impress me with the ways they utilize the Vario 5 creatively. Here are some links to what a talented DP armed with a Vario 5 can do. Check out those intro shots in Free Solo! Vario 5 with Serene and a MoVi Pro.

    Levitation | A Tech 9ne Film lensed by

    Free Solo | Award Winning Feature Documentary lensed by

    St Paul Police | Commercial lensed by

    The Vario 5 is the most popular Easyrig model. It’s a flexible solution with a load capacity of 11-38lbso. Newshooter has a great mini-review of the Vario 5 here.

    I’m a DP too. I know that everyone has different camera builds, comfort levels and needs on set, which is why we are offering the tiered group buy discount on 3 models of the Vario 5.

    Vario 5 Gimbal Rig Vest with 5” Extended Arm

    Vario 5 Gimbal Rig Vest with 9” Extended Arm

    Vario 5 Gimbal Rig Vest with 5” Extended Arm and Built-in Flowcine Serene Arm

    Just to clarify, the Gimbal Rig Vest is not just for gimbals only. It’s just the name for Easyrig’s newest, most popular and most comfortable vest. My motto is if it’s a purchase that you’re only making once, go for something that you’ll never feel you want to replace!

    On to the deal.

    - - -

    We are offering 10%, 15% and 20% off on the Adorama “our price” listing on each Vario 5 models. In order to get the highest discount on all 3 models, I had to set this up a little bit differently. Here’s how it works.

    Both of the Vario 5 models WITHOUT the Serene Arm will count towards the first group. So 3X 5” Extended Arm orders WITHOUT a Serene Arm and 2X 9” Extended Arm WITHOUT a Serene Arm orders counts as 5X orders total and unlocks 10% off.

    The Vario 5 with the 5” Extended Arm and built-in Serene Arm orders will be it’s own individual group buy. So to get 10% off, we need 5X separate, individual orders of the Vario 5 with the Serene Arm and to unlock 15% off, we need 10X orders. Simple as that.

    All orders come with free shipping to the lower 48. This is open to international orders! We will just have to quote you separately for shipping but I am sure you’re used to that!

    Now that we’ve got the details covered, here’s the breakdown.
    - - -
    - - -

    This is an unbeatable deal. Vario 5s live forever. Go check the seconhand market and you’ll see the pricing on this group buy is below a used rig!

    Love you guys and love your backs. I want them to live forever too.

    Please share this post with your friends who might be interested! The more successful we are with each of these, opens up more opportunities with other manufacturers in the future and gives me the ability to negotiate bigger discounts for everybody.

    GB will run for 3 weeks until Dec 28th at midnight.

    FAQ Section

    Q. Is the original Standard Arm option available for this Group Buy?
    A. We are not including the Standard Arm because the 5" Extended Arm has an option to bring the lead back to the same point. Thus, it's the most versatile for shoulder work, handheld and gimbal.

    Q. How much weight will the Vario 5 hold?
    A. Vario 5 is designed to hold from 11-38lbs!

    Q. What is the Gimbal Rig vest? I don't have a gimbal, will this still work?
    A. Yes! The Gimbal Rig vest is simply the name for Easyrig's newest, most heavy-duty and most comfortable vest. You do not need a gimbal at all, though if you are using the Vario 5 with a gimbal, you want this vest!

    Q. What size vest do I need? I see there are multiple sizes!
    A. The Standard Gimbal Rig vest will fit 99% of the population. It ranges from a 30" waist all the way up to 51"!

    Q. How much is shipping on this order?
    A. FREE

    Q. Is this Group Buy available to international buyers?
    A. Yes, shipping is only free to the lower 48 but we will quote you for an international order.

    Q. How long does this Group Buy run?
    A. You have until Dec 28th at midnight to place your order. You'll then have two weeks to pay. If we reach 20% early, you can pay and get your order in sooner.

    Q. What do I need to send over to hold my place in line?
    A. All we need to secure your place in line is for you to send me your real name, email and phone info. Do it here via PM or find me on facebook or IG and message me that info.


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    MASTER LIST 5" Extended Arm and 9" Extended Arm

    1. Domenic Barbero (5" Arm)
    2. Joshua Ausley (5" Arm)
    3. Tim Daust (9" Arm)
    4. Ben Meserve (5" Arm)
    5. Kyle Thomas (9" Arm)
    6. Satsuki Murashige (5" Arm)
    7. Matthew Bruce (5" Arm)
    8. Matthew Bruce (2nd 5" Arm)
    9. Rob Russell (5" Arm)
    10. Kevin Joelson (5" Arm)
    11. Wes Kane (5" Arm)
    12. Graham Robbins (9" Arm)
    13. Alex Hoelscher ((9" Arm)
    14. Dan Kanes (9" Arm)
    15. Jason Johnson (9" Arm)
    16. Josh Becker (5" Arm)
    17. Travis Wears (5" Arm)
    18. Maxime Manenc (5" Arm)
    19. Chris Weatherly (5" Arm)
    20. D Burns (5" Arm)
    21. William Maheras (9" Arm)
    22. Bryant Fisher (5" Arm)
    23. Patrick Ryan (5" Arm)
    24. Alexander Sworik (5" Arm)
    25. Kirby Hamilton (5" Arm)
    26. Scott Selman (5" Arm)
    27. Evan Butka (9" Arm)
    28. Paul Hazlett (9" Arm)
    29. Tyler Gorrell (5" Arm)
    30. Jeff Sukes (5" Arm)
    31. Kris Mendoza (5" Arm)
    32. Phillip Atkins (9" Arm)
    33. Darren Scott (5" Arm)
    34. Brandon Boulay (5" Arm)
    35. Matt Bass (5" Arm)
    36. James Darren (5" Arm)
    37. James Darren (2nd 5" Arm)
    38. James Darren (3rd 5" Arm)
    39. James Darren (4th 5" Arm)
    40. Anthony Cava (5" Arm)
    41. Nick Morrison (5" Arm)
    42. Stephen Scavulli (5" Arm)
    43. Stephen Pearson (5" Arm)
    44. Clint D'Souza (5" Arm)
    45. Brandon Boulay (5" Arm)
    46. Larry Langton (5" Arm)
    47. Nick Mahar (5" Arm)
    48. Jeff Vogeding (5" Arm)
    49. Mike Burton (9" Arm)
    50. Alex Pollini (5" Arm)
    51. Travis Mouton (5" Arm)
    52. James Latimer (9" Arm)
    53. Iam D'Amelia (9" Arm)
    54. Bellal Hussain (5" Arm)
    55. Ryley Fogg (9" Arm)
    56. Jason Prezant (9" Arm)
    57. James Hammond (5" Arm)
    58. Alex Fuerst (5" Arm)
    59. James Pizzaro (5" Arm)
    60. Weston Walker (5" Arm)
    61. Ben Graham (9" Arm)
    62. Clay Mason (5" Arm)
    63. Zach Trinca (5" Arm)
    64. Peter Michaels (5" Arm)
    65. Mike Kozlenko (5" Arm)
    66. Nick Mykola Kovalenko (9" Arm)
    67. Joe Woods (5" Arm)
    68. Peter Braswell (9" Arm)
    69. Carlos De Varona (5" Arm)
    70. John Brennick (9" Arm)
    71. Brian Jouan (5" Arm)
    72. Rich Miro (5" Arm)
    73. Chris Durr (5" Arm)
    74. Alex Mainwaring (5" Arm)
    75. Mike Quill (5" Arm)
    76. Neil Dearman (5" Arm)
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    Anyone have one of these Easyrigs for sale?
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    MASTER LIST 5" Extended Arm with built-in Flowcine Serene Arm

    1. Michael Tebinka (5" Arm w/Serene)
    2. Steve Smith (5" Arm w/Serene)
    3. Greg M (5" Arm w/Serene)
    4. Matthew Mayotte (5" Arm w/Serene)
    5. Alessandro Rafanelli (5" Arm w/Serene)
    6. James Meierotto (5" Arm w/Serene)
    7. Drew Saracco (5" Arm w/Serene)
    8. Tom Greenburg (5" Arm w/Serene)
    9. Ian Mosley-Duffy (5" Arm w/Serene)
    10. Alex Monto (5" Arm w/Serene)
    11. Jason Maughan (5" Arm w/Serene)
    12. Ben Graham (5" Arm w/Serene)
    13. Ben-ji Allred (5" Arm w/Serene)
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    I’ll take a 5” arm, no Serene.
    Ben Meserve
    Director of Photography
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Meserve View Post
    I’ll take a 5” arm, no Serene.
    Yes sir!
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    Interested. 9 inch arm. no serene

    Alexa Mini/Amira, RED Dragon, Monstro, Canon C500 Mark ii, C300ii, Sony FX9, FS7, UMP G2, Pocket 6k/4k, Sony A7s/r ii, Cooke Panchro Classics, Atlas Anamorphics, Zeiss Cp3, Angenieux EZ1/2, Celere HS set, Leica R Duclos set, DSO Trump series, Sigma Cine Primes, Contax Zeiss Superspeeds, GL Optics 18-35, 50-100, 70-200, tokina 11-16 PL, Laowa 24mm Probe, Movi Pro, Grip Vans, Skypanels, HMI's, Hive, Aputure, Litepanels, Litemats
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    If we plan to use this handheld, whats better - 5" or 9" arm?
    Nick Morrison
    Founder, Director & Lead Creative
    // SMALL GIANT //
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Morrison View Post
    If we plan to use this handheld, whats better - 5" or 9" arm?
    9" is primarily for gimbals. I'll defer to the crowd but I believe 5" is more popular for hh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Wears View Post
    9" is primarily for gimbals. I'll defer to the crowd but I believe 5" is more popular for hh.
    Awesome thanks
    Nick Morrison
    Founder, Director & Lead Creative
    // SMALL GIANT //
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