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    Big Tungsten.

    12K's -20K's depending on distance to subject, and DOF desired.

    NOw.... That said... the beverage stuff here was shot with Rayzr7 LED's, in the 300W daylight only variety. The lights and diffusion were VERY close, and we shot almost 1200Fps or so, at around a T1.8. Razor thin DOF. For most product work you want a LOT fo DOF.

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    12k is not very practical for table top stuff. To large to place close. With all HMIs it's the ballasts that determines the flicker. Most Arri units can be powered with the 1000Hz ballasts that are flicketsafe at 1000fps (I think he setting on the Flex at 4 is more like 960) but here in Paris at least you need to ask for high speed ballast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Cage View Post

    Is the ARRI 12kw T12 flicker free for high speed phantom flex work?

    Sorry to bump this again, but read somewhere that 10K thungsten lights are recommended. So my local dealer has the Arri T12 12kw for rent. But I dont know if they will cause flicker or not. somebody got an idea?
    Yes, big tungstens are safe for high speed. From 2K@110V or 5K@220V up the filament is easily thick and strong enough that it wont show any flicker. Some folks DC power smaller units. Actually tungstens are the best choice, also regarding their color spectrum. Even with high speed ballasts HMIs can suffer from flicker caused by "arc wandering" inside the bulb, this is not related to the ballast. It is getting better with newest technology like Arri´s autoscan, also choice of bulb within a type or manufacturer if you decide to go this route. Good luck! Cheers, Ulf
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