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  1. #1 THE LEGEND OF MAULA JATT (2019) - First Look Trailer 
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    Here is my second feature film's trailer. It is an Epic Action Drama. I shot this on the RED Epic/W.
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    Great visuals in there! Especially the scene with the girl in the red, with the fire around her!
    I think the trailer music is too cliche though. I would have liked to hear cultural music that fits the location and builds up tension in the same way.

    Looks impressive! Hope it does well!
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    Wow Bilal,

    You wear a lot of hats on this film. Looks great, best of luck!

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    Well done. Thanks for sharing.
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    Visuals look amazing
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    Looks awesome man. Good luck with everything going forward!
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    Looks pretty good. It's like Pakistani Baahubali meets Gladiator. Congrats.

    I would be interested in some BTS shots and details. How long in pre-production, shooting, and editing? Budget? Cast and Crew size?
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    Awesome visual! Congrats! :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilal Lashari View Post
    Here is my second feature film's trailer. It is an Epic Action Drama. I shot this on the RED Epic/W.
    Looks great, and a good counter point to the threads about the Epic W being too green. I've never found that and the footage/grade here doesn't show that. Sure this will do as well, if not even better, than your last one

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