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    The sensors on red cameras are mounted far into the camera body so a LF TS system would not be possible to put on much angle as the port hole would then create vignetting.
    Also as mentioned here the focal lengths needs to be rather short compared to what you got for LF systems so you would be way more tele than what you most liklely normally want.
    Then using even a super high grade a large format lens on such small sensor will normally render quite shitty result. They are possibly really good but not when you only use such a small fraction of them due to the small sensor. For comparison take your best LF snapshot, then crop that down to 1/5 and you got monstro sensor size... Usually most large format guys does not like to leave 4/5 of their canvas on the cutting room floor, picture then looks not so good any more. The lenses are simply not optimized for the smaller format always best to strive for an image circle that just covers then you get most sharpens. The smaller the sensor you use the more important that rule gets. Shooting super8 with a great FF35 mm lens would simply not come out as good as a decent super 8 lens.

    Most bang for buck I think is to get a red FD mount and get the canon FD TS lenses. If money is not a problem get the arri /ziess swing shift kit or the Schnider mentioned above with is a PL rehouse version of the FD´s.
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