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  1. #1 Should I counter balance my shoulder rig? 
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    I have a heavy shoulder rig (red clutch, dragon, cooke 25-250 zoom lens, focus, lights, mic, battery, etc) that is super front happy. The only thing behind the red is the battery. I am guessing it already weighs a good 30-40 pounds. Would adding a counter weight in the back make things more comfortable? I am thinking I would have to add a good 10-20 lbs to even it out but I guess it could be less depending on how far back it goes. Also, any recommendations for a counter weight?
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    Looking at the RED Clutch it's not really conducive to balancing a system because all the weight is forced to be in front of the shoulder instead of over it. In my opinion, needing to add a ton of counterweights is a sign that something isn't setup right in the first place.

    If you would be willing to humor my (extremely limited) experience putting (non RED) cameras on my shoulder, I find having my camera built in a way that makes it shoulder friendly without needing counterweights typically involves having the sensor sitting at or slightly behind the shoulder. I'm also typically setting the monitor or EVF very close to the matte box for the weight to even out. Hand position can play a role too; A slightly front heavy camera can feel a lot heavier with your arms up higher.
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