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    Any have experience with firmware updates not sticking on the Epic? Have tried every recent version since 2016 nothing will stick on the camera still on version 4.
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    Hey Tyler,

    You will need to download version 5.3.49 first then you will be able to install the current release.
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    Sadly, that's the first thing I tried. I have gone as far as it running through the update process (blinking lights, fan kick, etc.) all correctly. All signs of a successful update, except when I look in the menus it is still on the version 4. Very weird, was hoping someone has experienced this as well.
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    No one else has had this problem?
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    Hi Tyler,

    I see that you've been in contact with the RED Product Support Team. If you can please respond to the support ticket with the requested information, we can continue to look into this for you.
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