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    Quote Originally Posted by paulcurtis View Post
    I've not used either of those for that length of time so this isn't a personal observation but since i've been googling my way to enlightenment i've read numerous places where the Alexas at least are off. Could be a per camera issue - or as you say length of service. That's an interesting nugget of info - that stability of these crystals can be an issue over time.

    I'm in the acceptance phase now, so just need to decide between tentacle and ultrasync...

    Paul it depends which Alexa. The Mini doesn’t NOT have the same clock as the full size cameras and are notionally “not good” aka a system clock, not the seperate clock the full size bodies have.

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    Thanks everyone. I'm in a slightly more knowledge place now when it comes to sync/TC!

    I guess it's turned into a Tentacle vs Ultrasync situation - does anyone have any opinion. I've used tentacles but one of the benefits (built in mic) doesn't really apply in red land.

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    Ive used the tentacles for many years now without issues. They're so small!

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