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    Quote Originally Posted by Darius Oechsle View Post
    1) How does this camera solve any reliability issues?

    2) Why don't you just build more of them? If you want only rental houses to have the RANGER to be in favor with them, then just say so instead of pointing towards the price. The Alexa LF is way over 100 grand and companies still buy it.
    It says it´s not for sale. So possibly just something the rental companies get to lease. Reson for such tactics can be unlicensed gear inside, as it´s very different build a camera and rent it out then actually selling the same camera, as then you need to license the parts used.
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    So in reading Jon Fauer's great interview with Jarred about Ranger and the reasoning behind it I now understand the value for rental houses and I also have come to the feeling that I don't want Ranger.

    I think Ranger helps make ACs happy and form a system closer to DXL2 and Alexa. But I love how I can strip my Monster to almost nothing and run around with it. I so welcome the development of the Ranger but I am not a rental house. I am a DOP who loves having a Vistavision camera in a package that would make Alfred Hitchcock salivate.

    So great job Jarred and Red family my ACs are so happy
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    Yep -- the Ranger has specific benefits for Rental houses that are servicing crews. Will be easier for them to efficiently prep and also use on set. Will be easier for us to maintain and keep in fighting trim. There is nothing 3rd party on this camera. Let that sink in. For a rental house that is extremely helpful.

    We will definitely still be keeping some Monstros for when we need the cameras to be as small as possible. And we will lean on lots of 3rd party bits (as we have been doing) to help the tiny camera shine.

    Ranger is the result of RED putting considerable effort over a long, long time into hardware that will help us support the cameras on large crewed sets. We totally appreciate that level of responsiveness from a manufacturer.

    One last thing -- the Ranger is very very well set up for the shoulder: best camera RED has made in that regard by a long shot. Put a couple Shape handles on it and away you go.
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