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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikhil Kamkolkar View Post
    Jarred, the flip side of this is that the Ranger seems to have workflow, standardization and ergonomic improvements that would be lovely to have. Most camera specs that were once reserved for true feature film sets, are now found on the smallest of shoots with the tiniest of crews. I know DSMC2 will go to 3 at some point, but I'm hoping that some/all of these improvements become available in some form to those of us who want the modular concept, but want it more standardized and simplified.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nikhil Kamkolkar View Post
    Specifics of those three things I mentioned? I can't give them to you. Will have to wait for people who have access to a Ranger and can do a comparison and post their results. My guess is there are several. If not, why have a new body at all?
    Just some insight on my experiences thus far.

    I'm working with the Ranger for the last week. In terms of actual workflow, it is identical to DSMC2 Monstro as well as camera control. The only practical difference from my perspective is the all in one body type which would be appealing to rental houses focused mainly on production camera packages. I don't have a Production Module just yet, but I do have the other two solutions. Basically a DSMC2 + Production Module mostly equals a Ranger. Major difference really are the 24V power requirement, which I am not particularly fond of, but common place for some cameras. There is no back focus adjustment in camera, which works well if you are very on top of servicing your lenses, which makes sense on the rental house level. There's an extra SDI on there, so there's that. Nice velcro pad spot smart side. Cooling is a bit more robust as the heat sink is larger and it's a different fan setup, just more area for that. There's some clever design in Ranger, but it can't ever be made smaller or expanded via modules.

    More or less I see pros and cons depending on workflow. Jarred asked me how I liked Ranger recently, and I do like it, especially if I was filming in studios all day. But I sort of work every type of shoot and sort of everywhere. DSMC2 + modules fits my lifestyle a bit more. I am not everybody however.

    To likely what Nikhil is getting at, I do think some of the Ranger advancements and concepts will evolve into future products. As Ranger stands today, it's an all in one body that basically is DSMC2 + Production Module. I do love that top gap and cheese plate thingy going on with Ranger for sure. I stripped off the long handle and it oddly is a nice way to palm the body sans-top handle as you can get your little claws in there. But then again, it adds height into the mix. Basically my POV is if RED offered a Ranger for sale today and DSMC2 bodies it would be a tricky decision for some, and easy one for others. I think that's what RED is going for here in terms of who Ranger is directed at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Holland View Post
    Cooling is a bit more robust as the heat sink is larger and it's a different fan setup, just more area for that.
    Cool to hear that. Those advancements will improve our future cameras.
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    yeah i agree. one thing is when people complain about a lot is red the fan kicking in the middle of a take. so am looking forward to improved heat management
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    To be fair to Goliath ( the rental houses ) ..... We gave David ( Owner Operator ) the sword way before we gave Goliath the hammer. And Goliath in this story isn't the big bad monster terrorizing the villagers... in reality Goliath ( the rental house ) have always kind of just kept to themselves. David however has been taking his sword and terrorizing Goliath over the last 10 years with it over and over again taking away business and taking the food off of his table. Rental houses have not been taking away business from the owner operator, but the owner operator have been taking away business from the rental houses. Again.. partially our fault.

    At any rate.. everyone needs to look at the big picture. We want rental houses to survive just as much as we want owner operators to survive. Bigger picture.. we want them to have RED cameras that are more suitable for them to rent because that gives us more reach, which in turn gives all RED cameras higher demand in the market. That helps them, and that helps you and that helps us. We have seen this already with the DXL. That camera is on bigger productions that we nor most of our customers could service, because it's the perfect camera for them and the perfect camera for their customers.

    Yes.. you are right RED would make a shit ton more money if we just sold everything to everyone. But that's not what Ranger is about.

    Okay that makes sense. currently have a DSMC concept as the only option for for camera owners and productions.
    DSMC concept differs from cinema/production camera concept. Now you've made a cinema camera in its very concept, which is inaccessible to majority.

    Making an ultra compact camera able to shoot high resolution stills and high quality cinematic imagery was Jim's vision from the start. You all brought it to life. Fantastic achievement. You've made history and put high quality image acquisition tools in hands of many. Hats off.

    Why having only a DSMC approach for a wider market ?
    From a cinema camera company ?

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