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    I am keen to help RED find cases where there are any ongoing WiFi issues.

    The animations and (human readable) diagnostic message in INKontrol explain at what stage the Red Control Protocol is failing, and what the App (INKontrol) was is ‘waiting for’.

    If you encounter a RCP link failure - and INKontrol is showing that the camera is now sending NO DATA messages over WiFi, I would recommend using the camera to check ‘RCP CONNECTIONS’. If it is (incorrectly) still showing that an App is connected -> create a Camera Savelog and share that with RED. They will (hopefully) then have enough information about the steps you (and the camera) went through prior to the problem.

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    Hey folks,

    Has anyone tried the wifi extender from Wooden with any success?

    Are there any alternatives to controlling the camera wirelessly?

    Edit: Playing around with INKontrol with some success. The UI is.... interesting. Inspired by SNES jRPGs maybe?

    What does pressing the heart button do?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Naim,

    I guess I should have created a specific video to explain!

    So - at 00:08 in the following video there is a ‘heart’ in the top right of the screen.

    +) When HEART is pressed - you enter FAVOURITES (shortcuts) mode. (heart goes a RED)
    In this mode, you can drag any RED menu to a button on the shortcuts panel.
    You can also drag an existing button Off if the panel if you don’t want it there
    Or rearrange the shortcuts.

    +) Press (RED) HEART to disengage. You can now use press any of those favourites

    MISC :
    - Favorites are Store Per Camera (Local Favourites).
    - Press the Bottom right (Globe) Icon to switch to Global favourites (a set of favorite Red menus for all cameras)

    Inspiration for the GUI is partly comes from my attempt to minimise apparent complexity through symmetry, icons in place of text, and subtle colour to help the eye ‘hunt’ without the need to read.

    The quantity of data displayed in the INKontrol (HeadUpDisplay) GUI is comparable to FC; but (if I have been successful in my goal), the screen should feel less complex.

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    Hello, I had the problem with my helium that disconnects foolcontrol from my iphone every 30 seconds, in the end I discovered why it happens,
    I disconnected the auto calibrate sensor and left a black shading manual, it no longer disconnects anymore!!!

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