Thread: Having problems with Core SWX Hypercore 98 Batts, Charger, maybe related to RED V-mnt

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  1. #1 Having problems with Core SWX Hypercore 98 Batts, Charger, maybe related to RED V-mnt 
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    I'm having some very confusing issues with my Core SWX Hypercore 98 v-mounts and now the Core V-Mount Charger.

    I had been using RED V-mount batteries on my Scarlet-W and Gemini and charging them with my RED v-mount charger without issue for years. I decided to buy a new batch of V-mounts and went with the Core SWX 98's, and intended to charge them on my RED charger.

    However when the batteries arrived the DID NOT charge on my RED charger. They would cycle between charging and not charging every 20 or so seconds and would take 10-15 hours to take a charge. The RED V-mounts continued to work on my RED charger.

    I sent the Core batteries back to Core where they tested them on multiple chargers and said they could not replicate the issue. Fine. I asked them to send the batteries back and resigned myself to buying a new V-Mount charger.

    Liking the low profile of the Core V-mount charger, I purchased it and it arrived before my SWX batteries came back. I tried my RED v-mounts on it and they charged without issue. But when my Core SWX 98s came back THEY WOULD NOT CHARGE on the Core charger and still the same issue on the RED charger.

    With trial and error I was able to get the Core batteries to charge on the Core charger, but only AFTER I put one of the RED batteries on one side of the charger, then the Core on the other. I can then remove the RED battery and the Core will continue to charge.

    WTF is going on here? Thanks for any help. This has been super frustrating.
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    Hi, I'm wondering if you have been able to resolve this issue?
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    Just picked up their Hypercore NEO 98wh battery and tried to charge it on the RED v mount charger. Same problem with power cycling on and off.

    Emailed Core about it and waiting to hear back - did you come up with a better fix than mounting a RED brick to charge the core battery on the core charger?
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