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The question is, why didn't RED think something like this? It is still NOT too late, you could have another building for REDUcation right next to the training center. Better yet, donate a shit load of RED cameras to ASC and request to use them for training along with the ARRIs.
More complicated than you can possibly imagine. Keep in mind that members of RED are associate members, the ASC has RED whenever they ask for them cameras (I've fortunately been a part of a few of those test days). While the building's name and sponsorship is indeed Arri, do keep in mind that filmmaking education that will be going on in there has much more with other aspects of the craft. It's not an Arri camera training center.

I do agree, it's a bit glaring in some ways, perhaps even alluding to some internal favoritism, which isn't a shocker. But it's also important to keep in mind that RED provides a great deal of REDucation and other styles of camera education and even has a rather active fully blown motion picture studio/stage in the heart of Hollywood.