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    Hi all,

    I've got a ton of RED AKS gear (Clutch system and a lot of assorted bracketry that uses rosettes) - and thanks to RED's unfathomable decision to invent their own slightly smaller rosette instead of the industry standard ARRI rosette - none of it is compatible with any piece of non-RED hardware.

    I've seen some old threads from people who successfully replaced the rosettes on their RED gear with ARRI rosettes - but the relevant links/suppliers don't seem to be current. Has anyone got a lead on a solution? I was considering ordering something like this:
    But I just tried pulling an ARRI rosette off a piece of Wooden Camera gear, unscrewing the RED rosette off the bracket I'm trying to use and swapping them out - but of course the square extrusion on the underside of RED's rosette is smaller than ARRI standard - which means they're incompatible.
    I'd also hoped to use this as a stopgap:
    But it's no longer available from either B&H or directly through Wooden Camera.

    This is really frustrating given how many thousands of $$s I've dropped on RED camera support gear - and now other than a few baseplates on the Red Store - they seem to have abandoned all of that stuff leaving me with a bunch of incompatible scrap metal. Hey Jarred - any chance GDU could make replacement ARRI rosettes that fit the RED AKS square hole?

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    Same here...I really hope I'll never need replacement Parts for "The Clutch"
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    Same situation ... I love my Epic Dragon but my biggest regret is the rest of the Red ecosystem.
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