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    As most threads about LOMO lenses are out-of-date (links don't work anymore, new sellers, ...), this thread attempts to (re-)collect the most recent information about the Russian beauty/beast.

    So, does anybody know sellers that are known for normally selling LOMO lenses in good conditions (optical/mechanical)? I got in contact with Ali Aghayev (based in Azerbaijan) via Facebook, does anybody know him?
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    I think most of the good lomo sets have migrated from the former soviet union to the west. I haven't seen anything other than ancient beat to death lenses offered for sale for quite some time. Occasionally something will pop up, but they usually want way too much money.

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    U shall be kidding? No threads about lomo lenses?

    Or just follow my posts

    As for the lenses to find at former USSR territory, Nick is right. Almost nothing left here. So had gone low prices.
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    Hi David,

    Ali is a thrustee seller.
    I had a couple a very serious deals with him.
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