Thread: Sigma 50-100 and 85mm not working again on build 7.2

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    it definitly firmware related, as I have a complete set of sigma prime, that goes silent during shot.
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    The quick fix is to do the following: mount the lens. Wait 3 seconds. Unlock the lens, push the eject button, rotate the lens about 10 degrees. Wait 3 seconds. return the lens back to its locked position with a little speed. You want to slightly jolt it into place but not slam it. Just slightly harder than normal. Your lens will come back to life, every single time. I have become so used to it I just do it second nature with the 50-100. But it works, every single time. Don't waste time cleaning contacts or anything. It isn't the issue. It is is some kind of "wakeup" that isn't happening.
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    Anyone have any updates on this? or do we know of a way to roll back the firmware in the lens itself to v 1.x?
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