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    Quote Originally Posted by Misha Engel View Post
    LG is better because of OLED (better blacks and no bleeding), the Samsung is the best non OLED display we could find and it has more nits (pretty important for trade shows in uncontrolled enviroments).
    Got it. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Wielage View Post
    Uh... Dolby Atmos is a sound format, not a picture format.

    If you mean Dolby Vision, I believe only the Dolby Pulsar (and Eclipse and Maui) monitors are certified, and those are rental/loaner only from Dolby. You also have to pay for a yearly Dolby Vision license from Dolby in order to use this (at least with Resolve and Baselight).
    Correct, I meant Dolby Vision. Thanks for the monitor links Marc !
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