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    Has anyone gone through a dealer to upgrade to DSMC2 Helium or Gemini recently instead of upgrading directly through red? Reason I'm asking is I'm wondering if I can upgrade sooner instead of waiting till May which is what the current red timeline is. I'm in NY as well so I'm wondering if I can save on sales tax too.

    Are there cons to this route?
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    I would love to do the upgrade with Abelcine locally if it is possible and wouldn't mind getting it sooner vs later either. Thanks
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    Just got off the phone with RED about this. There is no difference. There is a waitlist so the soonest opening is currently end of May. You'll have the same place in line regardless. Going through a dealer is just convenience so you don't have to got to the post office and mail it yourself.
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    Thanks for that clarification Sterling
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