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    At the present time:
    +) High Power car LIDAR has been known to damage camera sensors
    +) vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) are NOT powerful (not concentrated / not long lasting) enough to damage camera sensors.

    Measuring device : I think the answer could be ‘it depends’ on the implementation, and the risks they are trying to mitigate. My guess is that they are specced ether above and below the ‘point that eye damage occurs (Ie if the human eye has time to stop down without damage from a direct hit in ambient dark conditions).

    This is likely different from a metric to describe sensor damage - which might require Coherence distance & time, laser power, and distance of sensor from the laser, and lastly a rating from the sensor manufacturers on probability of damage based on a coherence light source hitting with a certain power for a defined time.

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    Thanks for all your input. I just want to look after my new baby. This camera is a massive leap forward for me from my old dsmc 1 Epic dragon. So much cleaner and natural looking, it really is a insane camera.
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