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    Looking for a used professionally rehoused set (not just cine-modded with just leitax/gears/80mm fronts/etc.) of Contax/Zeiss Super Speeds. I sold my modded set over a year ago and miss them dearly - wish I just had sent them in for rehousing.

    An ideal set would be all MMJ/MMG and include the following focal lengths:

    21mm f2.8 MMJ
    28mm f2 MMG
    35mm f1.4 MMJ
    50mm f1.4 MMJ
    85mm f1.4 MMJ

    Must be EF or PL. Open to other focal lengths as well, and larger sets, those are just the most desirable to me. DM or email me:
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    i have a very nice set: 28mm f2/35mm f1,4/50mm f1,4/85mm f1,4/100mm f2/135mm f2 all west germany except the 50mm made in japan.
    All original, no mod, very good condition.
    photos here

    here's the photo
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