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  1. #1 Red Desperation? Red Scam? Whatever it is, it's whack AF! 
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    Everyone, please beware.

    Yesterday, 2/21/2019, at 2:47pm PST, I received an email from RED Accounts Receivable and two other RED accountants were CC'd. These are all emails. They were claiming I owed $1,000 from a Helium deposit from OCTOBER 2016. There was little to no other information provided in the first email from them. Just saying I owed $1,000 from a deposit and that is was due by February 25th, 48 business hours later...

    I responded that it was a mistake, in which I was replied to by a fourth accountant. She gave three invoices from 2016, two with deposits and a third with the Helium purchase. She explained that I was given a $1,000 credit by RED and that the Helium amount I paid was $1,000 short and that I owed that $1,000 by Monday.

    I checked my credit card statement and this information proved to be false. I paid the full price of the Helium.

    I want to believe that this was just a simple typo on the invoice.

    However, how can 4 accountants on one email chain be looking at these incorrect invoices and not check any other information? Why didn't they check payments received before emailing me? There's no other way for four accountants to double check any other systems to see if their invoices were typed up incorrectly or to see what the person actually paid? Furthermore, why in the hell are they emailing me about invoices from OCTOBER 2016, two and a half years later?

    This is extremely embarrassing for RED.

    Please everybody, if these "accountants" email you, double check everything before even responding to these people. Whack AF...
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