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    Read this article about Spielberg getting the Academy to modify their criteria in a direct response to Netflix not following the rules.

    What do you think?
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    It should be more like "studios vs netflix" Every young talented film maker I know is sick and tired of the studios "low risk rehash/franchising " approach and sees netflix and prime as the only meaningful artistic/filmmaking outlets going forward. The academy will follow eventually- rather sooner than later. Or it becomes irrelevant....
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    It's a bit like when Audio and Colors came.

    Spielberg is great. But I think it's good sometimes to remember that movies are our youngest art-form, and probably haven't found all its "ways" yet.

    If you try to parallelise this to other forms, like theatre, it would be like saying that only "pre-formatted" shows like Les Miserables should qualify for a theatre award.

    Hopefully we will find more, not less, venues for what we do. And I think the theatres will live just fine, despite practically showing streamed content from a DCP package :)
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    Can't stop technology or progress, and definitely can't hold back what the consumer wants. No way the Netflix genie is getting put back in the bottle.

    The Academy is silly. They want to revitalize the Oscars broadcast. They want to include everyone. People's Choice Awards? Blah. Truth is a lot of Academy Voters haven't seen even half of a year's nominated films. And if they have they're watching some crappy compressed rip on their TV anyway. SS wants to keep the movie experience a community experience taking place in a large darkened theater. I respect that. It is theater and a lovely thing. But what does the movie-going experience look like in 25 years? What about 10? Tastes change and the quality streaming from Netflix at home bests most movie theaters these days.
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    Perhaps Spielberg hasn't thought about what his experience might be like if he were in the early part of his career now as opposed to the early 70's. You can't just wander off a studio tour (literally) and into a job the way the legend says one could back in the day.

    The streaming services are disrupting the traditional studio system in ways the studios never imagined.
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    The article is not about new technologies or home cinema delivery or young filmmaker's dreams.

    It is about Corporatosaurus arrogance.
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    It doesn't matter what Spielberg tries. many of the people on the board probably watch Netflix daily and have a soft spot for it. I'm pretty sure with their home cinema setups they wonder what's the difference anymore anyway.
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    I think I get it - a feature film has to be seen in theatres to qualify. I don't get the problem though, as Roma was, indeed, shown in theatres.

    Either way there's no fundamental difference between film and TV. Of course you have to put something on your letterhead, I suppose.
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