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    Recently I shot 2 weeks of live action for the beginning and end of the new Paramount Spongebob movie. We shot at Melody Ranch where Deadwood and Westworld has filmed. Mainly the western street and then big scenes in the large saloon set there. Smokey, dark scenes along with a musical dance number.

    I was treated last week at Technicolor's wonderful invitation to watch all the dailies on their largest projection room and screen. I shot Monstro 8K with the Cooke S7s.
    I cannot begin to express how wonderful the combination was. Transcoded to 2K it was truly silky to the eyes.

    If we only all could see dailies the way we used to in the film days.

    Just wanted to share with you all.


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    Senior Member Blair S. Paulsen's Avatar
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    Congrats Peter, wish I could have joined that party! Old school dailies, offering a proper look at what you shot the previous day, is such a terrific point of reference for future choices. Do we need that feedback loop in the same way we did with film - perhaps not. That said, when you give an experienced and talented DP like Peter more information, it has to give him a better opportunity to dig into the subtleties of the process.

    Cheers - #19
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    OMG I can remember as a young AC the magic, excitement and even tension walking into a mini theatre to view the previous days film rushes projected. It is probably technically easier to view rushes on a large screen today but it rarely happens mostly due to budget and time restraints.
    Congratulations Peter. Kick ass projection, Monstro, Cooke S7 and your talent would make a potent mix.
    Tom Gleeson
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    Didn't that set just burn in the Woolsey fire? That footage may have been its final martini...
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    No the Melody Ranch did not burn. It was the other Western town that burned.
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    I really think viewing dailies, preferably roughly edited and graded on a large screen to be one of the best tools to improve while on longer projects. So many things to learn from the day before that can easily be adjusted for on the following days.

    But so often everyone just want to go home and rest and dont take the time and do it.

    Even if its just the DIT slapping it together and rendering out a prores file to view in the hotel room large 4k TV at night I find viewing such stuff really helps moving forward the day after. In this digital age I find it strange that this procedure is not used more. Its way easier now than it was back when rolling film so no real excuse not to do it.
    Björn Benckert
    Creative Lead & Founder Syndicate Entertainment AB
    Flame / VFX / Motion capture / Monstro
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    I'll never forget the feeling of watching projected dailies at 5 am at the lab while shooting my first 35mm feature. It was magic. There are a few things I miss about shooting film and this is one of them. It is still super important to WATCH DAILIES during the shooting of a narrative project....
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    I hope this ends up in 4K. All these 8K shoots for 2K masters. Silly.
    Michel Hafner
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    +1 Dailies.
    We had the film developed over night and would then view the rushes first thing the following morning around 5-6am.
    I remember the editor had written a small sign saying: 'do NOT adjust the steenbeck, it is the cameraman!'.
    Ahhh, good times! :))
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michel Hafner View Post
    I hope this ends up in 4K. All these 8K shoots for 2K masters. Silly.
    You wouldn't consider it silly if you were working on a picture with 2000 VFX shots and a tight release deadline.
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