Excellent condition 3-Light LED kit. Great daylight-balanced kit (150w equivalent). All lights and gels function great. I have also added 10' extension to the power cables to allow for plenty of slack for connecting to wall power. Can be powered by AC or AA batteries. Note that this includes more than the original kit because I had two of these kits and there are some additional accessories I'm including. $550 shipped. See photos here.


3 Caliber Fresnels Fixtures
2 x Multi-Jointed Flexible Tripods
3 Gel Sets
3 Color Frames
3 x 4-Way Barndoors
2 x Compact Light Stand
(both missing screws, easily purchased from hardware store)
1 Stand Adapter
1 Ball Head Shoe Mount
6 x International Power Supplies
1 Soft Case with Customizable Interior Compartments