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    Quote Originally Posted by Scot Yount View Post
    I have both version 1 and version 2 and both work just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boet_H View Post
    Scarlett... died on me... No more repairs possible at red. Now it is a good looking paperweight.
    I happen to have stumbled upon your post about your scarlet having died and become nothin more than a paperweight and I have a somewhat weird question to ask you.
    Would you be willing to sell the top fans of the camera? The top fans on my scarlet mx cut out but the rest of the camera works a charm. I hope to keep it operational but can't seem to find the top fans anywhere on the internet!
    Hope to hear back from you even though this post is a little over a year old!

    (If anyone else has top fans for the dsmc Scarlet MX, I'm in the market)
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    Hey Lachlan, just a heads up, but the top fan was an additional/non-necessary accessory in order to try to make the camera quieter during operation. So, it's safe to run it without the top fan installed (just make sure the front fan is working... that one is important.)
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