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    Howzit guys,

    Just trying to get some feedback on the MM for the Epic-W? Firstly iv watched all the reviews, but nothing much out there to be honest. I did watch MXR's review which I felt kind of just touched the subject. Regardless Im using the MM in a water housing to have some control with ND's electronically on PL glass. Any personal experiences would be really helpful.


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    I've used the Motion Mount a ton and have had mostly great results. I also specifically use it when I have a camera in a surf housing for exactly the reason you describe--there's really no other practical way to have adjustable ND.

    My style typically is to shoot wide open on primes in daylight, so I'd typically push the MM to the last stop before the ND value turns yellow and then throw any additional ND in front of the lens as needed. It's always seemed to work pretty well.

    I did just pull the trigger on a Kippertie Revolva for topside work though. All the pixel peepers say that things get weird when you shoot wide open on MM with heavy ND and Revolva gives you a clear filter option, so I was compelled to go for it. If I need ND in the housing though, the MM will go back on. But that will probably be the only use it gets from now on.
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    I've used it quite a bit on Russian arms, its easy to quickly add some ND with a motion mount without having to get out of the car.

    At night you have to take it off and put a regular PL mount on the camera as there is light loss with the MM.
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