$2,950 for the set. With hard case and free shipping

I paid $2'200 for the 21mm by itself after the mod. I still have the receipt.

Zeiss 21mm ZF.2 F/2.8
Zeiss 35mm ZF F/2.0
Zeiss 50mm Macro zf F/2.0

I paid about $5,400 for these when I bought them. As usual I will post them here for a reduced price before I put on Ebay.

I am located in Chapel Hill NC . Free shipping and hard case with the lenses.

THe .08 pitch focus rings

77mm filters and 80mm cap

Leitaz canon mounts

They are not declicked because I use them for photography as well. But Duclos will do it for $50 a lens.

They are mint condition with not much use. No scratches haze or fungus. They are in 9.5 condition.

I'll take better pictures soon. Just wanted to get them up.

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