So I've got a RED Epic Dragon and my monitor won't turn on. I have both the RED and WC EVF cable and it seemed to start to get stuck into my 1.8 Side SSD module. The WC "spikes" in the cable were all bent when I took off the caps on it. When powering on, the monitor feels like it wants to turn on because I can feel energy being sent to it and the monitor sometimes flashes real quick and shows a slightly less than black image. Also, the EVF cable seems to be able to move a little bit while plugged in as if it's not super tight in there. Could the side module be broken or the EVF port on it fried? Is it more likely that it has something to do with the monitor? Filed a RED support ticket and will be taking the SSD module and Monitor into their local HQ tomorrow along with both EVF cables but curious if this has happened to anybody? Any help is appreciated.