Saying farewell to RED For a While. Photo jobs are outweighing the video jobs.

I have a place in line to upgrade to Dragon-X at the end of the month.

DSMC2 Scarlet-W Dragon 5k Brain (SN: S-W005879) w/ 300 Hours:

Brain: $9,000
Upgrade: $5,000
RED Mini Mag 480gb: $1,200
RED 4.7" Touch LCD: $1,200
RED EF Mount: $550
RED Outrigger Handle: $400
RED V Lock (V Mount): $500
RED Mini Mag Reader: $100
Side Handle: $800

Priced as a Package. ($17,000) Firm.

Photo can be found at this dropbox link:

E-mail for more information and photos.

If it doesn't sell I'll re-post when the Dragon-X is swapped out.


Nash Howe