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  1. #1 Anyone know what this sound is? 
    I attached a small clip so you can hear it.

    This is the mic I am using which I never had issues with before.
    Also I've never had this issue before, just on this shoot.

    So I thought maybe the issue was the mic wasn't pressed in all the way or that the fans weren't up to speed or idling too slowly. But it only happens when recording. Anyone know what the issue could be?
    Fan control is set to quiet for my testing I've been doing during idle and during record.
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    Do you think it could be AC noise? Is there an AC line nearby?

    Edit: You're not using a wireless FF I assume...?
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    I was able to remove some of the noise using the De-Click feature of iZotope RX but it's hard to figure out what's creating the noise itself.
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    Sounds like low-level timecode. Its usually higher pitched than that, but sounds similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher A. Bell View Post
    Sounds like low-level timecode. It’s usually higher pitched than that, but sounds similar.
    I actually reset the camera settings and the sound has disappeared. It does appear to be in sync with the time code when looking and listening at the same time. I'm just wonder what setting would've enabled this
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    It sounds like channel bleeding when you record a hot TC level on one track and some low sound on the other using a stereo minijack for example.

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