Hello to everyone.
I have a set of Zeiss ZE lenses for sale. Its a 3rd set and i have not used them in some time now. Thats why they need to go.
All lenses are in great shape, and without any marks. 85mm could use a service in the future, but it works great now as it is.

Zeiss ZE 18/3.5 - 820 Euro
Zeiss ZF 25/2,8 + Canon EF adapter - 410 Euro
Zeiss ZE 35/2 - 340 Euro
Zeiss ZE 50/1.4 - 320 Euro
Zeiss ZE 85/1.4 - 490 Euro
Zeiss ZE 100/2 Macro - 820 Euro
Zeiss Y/C 135/2,8 + Canon EF adapter - 200 Euro

All lenses except 100 / 135 come with 80 mm fronts and follow focus gears and caps.
For the package, price is lower of course. :)

With the lens set Peli with custom made foam is also available for 150 Euro - Free if you take the package.
Shipping is possible.
Lenses are in Croatia

Photos also available. :)

and now the best thing - Whole package - 3000 Euro and you get a Peli for free