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    Heaven forbid, I noticed my compression ratio in 5k had inadvertently been changed from 8:1 to 14:1 ! Not sure if this is an issue, but I was keen to work out when this menu change occurred with previously dowloaded cards. Is this possible, as when I bring shots into Premiere Pro and look through the metadata I can't find anything that indicates the compression ratio ?
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    Download and install REDCINE-X PRO. It's free.

    Browse to your clips, right click (option click MacOS), and select Metadata.

    You will see all the embedded information including your REDCODE RAW Compression Ratio.
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    Ok great thanks Phil, I had the RedCine X pro downloaded from before, so was easy :) I'm hoping these couple of cards with the 14:1 compression will be acceptable to the broadcasters .... ?
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    I would think it should be fine Trevor. Should still be better than prores.
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    Many thanks for the assurance Andreas, was only half a card on closer inspection, the previous two cards were mainly 10:1 which then dropped to 12:1 for 96fps... hopefully it will pass :) I'lll be more on the ball now with checking the compression menu. I can only think I changed it when quickly diving in and out of the time lapse menu and pressed the wrong thing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreasOberg View Post
    Should still be better than prores.
    "Better" is a relative term. :)
    Technically it is much more compressed and compression reduces image quality.

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