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  1. #1 Do Firecrest ND's scratch super easily? 
    I'm in the market for ND's and I've been told by a couple people that Firecrest ND's are pretty fragile & scratch easily. Just wondering if anyone has had this experience with these ND's? I couldn't find anything online about their supposed fragility but I just wanted to double check on here since 2 different people mentioned this issue to me.
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    Nah they're pretty robust.

    The Tru NDs are the ones that you need to be careful with.
    Adrian Jebef
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    The Formatt Firecrest ND's have their ND filter contained in-between two sheets of glass. Using them, I haven't noticed the glass scratching super easily, but maybe they do compared to other kinds of scratch-proof glass (that doesn't get used for high optical quality ND filters).

    Here's a good list from Phil Holland regarding ND filters -
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    They've been very durable for me.
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    I had a very hard drop on the corner of one of mine and it barely cracked a 1/10th of an inch in. Still use it. They’ve been really durable.
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    Just make sure and get the ones that are 4mm thick. There are some that thinner and are not sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass. For example the 4x4 filters vs the 100mm x 100mm. Or some screw in filters. There is a thread on Reduser talking about it here.
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