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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreasOberg View Post
    This does not seem any faster than in Redcine X even though it is meant to have GPU acceleration. Not sure why this happens.
    As i understood metal support will be implemented in the next final cut pro x update. I am really waiting for this to happen!
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    I'm still waiting for RED to tell us what the GPU requirements for Metal debayer acceleration are... Is it 4gb vram? Dedicated GPU required or will integrated work? Are nVidia GPUs crappier at it because Apple and them had a falling out? What's the timeframe for RCXp with metal support?

    As far as metal is concerned, it runs on everything 2012 and newer (including Intel HD and Iris... and phones with A7 and newer).
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    I think 4GB is probably minimum if it will use the full GPU acceleration. On my machine 3.5 GB is usually taken instantly for 8k material at least. For 5,6k it will take less memory.

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