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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Meyer View Post
    r3d clip: Monstro 8K HD 23.98fps 6:1 4769 frames
    RCX: 51.47074

    2x Xeon 6154
    384 ECC RAM
    Read Volume: Intel VROC RAID 0 Array 1
    Write Volume: Intel VROC RAID 0 Array 2
    2x Titan RTX. nvidia drive 430.86
    Is this with GPU or CPU decode?
    How are the CPU and GPU loads?

    Quadro RTX 6000/8000 should give similar results.
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    8k monstro 6:1 23.98 -> Encode Prores 422 1080

    1x Quadro RTX 6000 WDDM (GUI) 40.7 fps
    2x Quadro RTX 6000 WDDM (GUI + 1) 70.3
    2x Quadro RTX 6000 WDDM (both non GUI) 81.67
    3x Quadro RTX 6000 WDDM (GUI + 2) 105.81
    1x Quadro RTX 6000 TCC system crash
    2x Quadro RTX 6000 TCC system crash
    3x Quadro RTX 6000, WDDM GUI + 2 TCC NVLINK system crash

    From a performance standpoint, more or less as expected and similar to TItan RTX. Was not exepcting RCX to crash, hard, when trying to use TCC mode enable GPUs. Will report bug to Red.
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    Any word on Adobe or Blackmagic implementing the SDK in their products soon? Getting antsy to do some editing outside of Redcine. I can't believe it's so butter smooth.
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    ^this! SOOO KEEN!
    Joshua Hoareau
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    Hoping that any nle have of demo running at ibc just se it in action with actual editing.
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