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  1. #1 Canon 1DX Mark II with SPL housing and Over Under dome port 
    This camera and housing has especially well for me, I hav mostly used it for 4k60 video not a ton of photos. I love it, I just need to get another c200.

    Camera kit:
    1Dx Mark ii
    3x Batteries
    1x Dual Charger
    2x 128gb C-fast cards
    1x C-fast Card reader
    pelican case

    I feel with the extras I am looking for about $4200?

    SPL housing kit:
    SPL housing controls - Aperture, Shutter speed, Manual shutter release, Q Menu, Review
    Interchangeable Ports
    Dome port for 16-35mm with Zoom Control (I have fit the 50mm and the 100mm, just needs be the size of a 16-35mm and under)
    Trigger attachment
    Gopro Attachment
    Extra port shield
    Pelican 1600 case

    I feel this is about $1800?

    Together I am looking for about 5200? I feel like that is fair?

    Here are photos to it:
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