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    Hi everyone! I'm selling my Element Technica Mantis Shoulder Rig that I have not used since I purchased my RED EPIC Dragon package four years ago. I am mostly shooting on sticks so I figure someone could find more use out of it.

    Priced to sell, everything as shown below. Email me at chase [at] or text me at 309-397-9349. The gear is in Peoria, IL for your local inspection and pick up, but I will ship anywhere in the US via FedEx or UPS.


    Element Technica MANTIS - Shoulder Rig - $700 obo
    (Images to Gear Below)

    Other pieces of gear I am selling are in the gallery as well.
    RED Bomb EVF - $1,200
    DSMC1 Skin Tone Highlight OLPF - $100
    Element Technica MANTIS - Shoulder Rig - $775
    RED Pelican 1510 Case - $275

    Link to images of gear :

    Let me know if you have any questions at all! I would be happy to share more pictures if requested.

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