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  1. #1 Third party service for an Epic MX? 
    So my friends epic MX is have issues and requires service and apparently Red is no longer servicing DSMC 1 cameras now. They won't even take it in.

    Does anyone know of a good third party service center for repairs? Obviously it may turn out to be a part that is no longer available but then again, it may not.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I wish RED would provide part lists and schematics so third parties can repair the older cameras if not manufacture their own repair parts and boards since RED won’t. With all of these hardware projects and custom boards being made for various things, surely some inventive people can make new and maybe even better boards than RED did with today’s tech. They don’t have to give schematics for their sensors, of course, but power boards and audio and video boards should be fair game since those are most likely to go out. Heck, even processor boards should be possible with newer processors out there and maybe they would be even more stable and long lasting! With DSMC1 cameras, including MX and even the old RED One, still commanding thousands of dollars on the used market, it just seems that there’s a big missed opportunity for salvaging and maintaining these still very much useful cameras that still compare to and even exceed current offerings. Personally, I would love to buy an Epic MX to use instead of my RED One MX, which is awesome, simply for the smaller size but with no support, it seems like a real gamble unless the used prices go down to account for no service. If there were such a third-party company to manufacture and repair spare non-sensor-level parts, then I guarantee that these older cameras would be used far more often and surely with that support partnership in place, RED can focus on making new cameras to advance the line.
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    Nah, they'd rather you guys buy a new one...
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    Yeah. It really kills the value of these cameras. Not being able to get service of any kind.

    Are all DSMC 1 cameras in this predicament? Dragons for example?
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    They still have the upgrade option correct? Can't they sell you one? hell they have a ton from the upgrades.
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    Thinking that soon there must be a big enough market for a former red technician to set up his own shop. And not really needed to manufacture new boards etc. Would be enough if someone know how to fail test and know how to swap bits from other broken cameras with different kind of malfunction. One such person and problem would be solved.
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    Try the phone number in this video, they repair Red cameras.
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