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    Hi Folks,
    Due to upgrading to VistaVision, we are selling our set of 5 Zeiss Standard Primes T2.1 These lenses are in native PL mount (not adaptors) and are in perfect optical and mechanical condition. No fungus, scratches or internal dust. General wear and tear from use that is to be expected. The lenses cover Super 35mm and are especially ideal for drones, gimbals etc due to their light and compact design. They have both metric and imperial markings. These are classic Zeiss lenses which produce an organic look on digital cameras.

    Here is a link to a movie trailer shot with this exact set of lenses:

    There are more spec's about these lenses on our website:

    They are based in Spain, so Europe would be best option for selling, but open to offers from other parts of the world.

    Asking price is 17,900 euros.

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    RED Dragons, Underwater Housings, Cooke and Zeiss lenses
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    RED Dragons, Underwater Housings, Cooke and Zeiss lenses
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