Hi there.

It's been a long time since I was on the horse, but what's five minutes of getting ready to remember the way it's done.

In short I live in Maine. Looking to connect with someone or several people. Fine by me. Just looking to build a very bare bones essentials only type rig. Don't have a deadline. Kinda just seeing if there might be someone I can connect with. When I was out in Los Angeles it was a blast being able to rent from the big guys who had gear to lend out.

But here's what I'm going for more or less.

* 8K s35 body
* Need it to be PL mount please *
* small ref monitor. Literally I hate these things, but for when I need to show a client. Outside that I'm on the eye mount 100% of the time.
* few batteries. The longer they can run the better, but I won't get fussy on that.
* If you have the AC or DC adapter? Forgive the forgetfulness, but essentially if you have the power adapter cable for the camera.
* What's it for three magazines? 128GB each is probably more than enough space, ya?
* shoulder mount rig.
* simple follow focus. Again I'm the only operator so I wouldn't need anything for someone else to be on the camera.
* Anything the would be required to connect to a computer directly after shooting would be definitely be a big plus.

As for lenses? Going to just rent offline most likely. And only because of just wanting one or two lenses. But if you had Zeiss or any lenses more branded for Cinema use then I'm all ears. 35mm and a 50mm. Simple.

Have a great one guys.