I have a issue with my 7 RED Touch on my Gemini.
Ive upgrade my camera 5 days ago with the 7.2.2, it work just fine. I shoot with it during 2 days and no problems.

This morning, on set, after sevral shots, the camera ask me to upgrade the screen. I lunch the process, and after 15min the screen wont turn on. I reeboot the camera, the fans and the screen backlite turn on, but nothing on it.
The PWR and REC led on the side flashing in green.

I made a test with a other screen and its good, the camera start normaly. When i put my screen on a other Gemini, same thing as mine, it wont start.

Ive noticed something else by the way. Since this new upgrade, my camera heat more, arround 46c when the setting is at 40C in adaptative mode

What should I do ? Can I try downgrade the camera ?

Thank you !